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Fat loss tips

There is a lot of research on fat loss, and even more opinions. It can be a tough subject to speak on because so many factors influence it. But nevertheless, there are some tips and tricks that are supported by more research than others. Try implementing a few, or all, of these tips if you are not already doing so, and see if they have an impact on your fat loss journey.

Pre-workout kick- Many of us realize the benefits a cup of coffee can yield before a training session. But less people likely realize the impact it has on not only fat burning, but the ability to enhance muscular contractions. Try a stiff cup of coffee before cardio as well as before lifting. This will offer benefits in harder contractions, more fat burning, and mental focus. All of these factors help contribute to more fat burning in the end.

BCAA’s- Try sipping on 5-10 grams of BCAA’s before and during training sessions. Before and after cardio is key in that BCAA’s preserve muscle tissue and promote further fat loss. Check out a previous post I wrote on what I feel is the best BCAA complex on the market.

Get plenty of fiber- Fiber can helps us feel full throughout the day, which will lead to less cravings, and balance blood sugar levels, which will help prevent fat storage. Additionally, certain high fiber foods have been connected with the reduction of abdominal fat. Shoot for about 30 grams of fiber a day, and include all food and supplemental sources to your total.

Drink up- A high fiber diet is great only with a high water intake. Too much fiber with too little water can cause constipation, so make sure you drink up. Water also helps mobilize fat in the body, so stay hydrated when trying to maximize fat loss.

Morning cardio- When cardiovascular training is done first thing in the morning upon waking a higher amount of fat is burned. This is due to the fasted state in which the body is in from hours without any food. When cardio is done in the evening the body first burns glycogen. Over time it must switch fuel sources but many people step off of the treadmill before this takes place. First thing in the morning the body goes straight to fat sources. Make sure you sip on something to preserve muscle tissue, such as the BCAA formula previously mentioned. 

So there you have it, a few fat loss tips that are sure to stimulate some changes when used in combination with hard training, proper diet, focus, and plenty of rest. Give them a shot!

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