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Don’t leave out important information, like this woman

A while back I worked with an individual who wanted me to work on her diet. She has competed in the past and was hard working but told me that no matter what she did she simply could not drop fat and she remained at the same body weight for quite some time despite how clean she ate and trained. I worked with her diet, analyzed the situation, and gave her a new program. After two weeks of working with her she ended up dropping 4 pounds. Eventually, she told me she didn’t feel the diet was supporting her correctly. I later found out she was running multiple miles just about every day, that which she never told me about originally. 

This leads me to my point- when planning out diet changes make sure all physical activity is accounted for. Remember that cardio, weight training, plyometrics, yoga, etc., are all forms of physical stress and they must be considered. If calorie count is too low, not only can physical ability be compromised, but so can other factors such as mood and focus. 

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