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Supplement review- Modern BCAA

So I decided to review a supplement. I would like to state I do not work for the company, and writing this does not benefit me monetarily in any way. So, lets get started!

The product I would like to review is USP Labs Modern BCAA formula. I have to say, this is the best BCAA complex I have used, without question. Delivering on many angles, you simply don’t see this type of quality offered from other brands. Now this is not to say other brands do not make good products, because they do. But there are a few reasons this product stands out, including the amazing price. But first of all, lets discuss the use of BCAA’s.

BCAA’s are hands down one the most important and effective supplements one can spend their money on in my mind. BCAA’s do a phenomenal job at, amongst other things, maintaining muscle mass, promoting fat for fuel, stimulating protein synthesis levels, and promoting recovery. They will offer more bang for your buck than most other supplements out there. Versatile in their use, one can take them first thing in the morning, pre, during, and post workout, before bed, etc. I highly suggest making use of USP Labs Modern BCAA formula during workouts. During cardio sessions is a great time to make use of all the fat burning enhancements and muscle preserving benefits of this product. 

So, let’s go through a few key points that make this product stand out over the competition. For starters, those of you who do not like artificial crap loading up your supplements, rejoice. USP Labs managed to deliver a product without all the artificial colors, flavors, etc. This is pretty amazing given the fact that both the flavors I have had, grape bubblegum and white blue raspberry, taste just fine. I think this adds to the mixability of the product. Naturally, BCAA formulas tend to clump in water (hydrophobic). Even with constant shaking, most will clump. USP Labs made their formula micronized which, after about 30 seconds of vigorous shaking, allows the product to literally mix 100% and become clear. It’s truly the first product I have ever seen to execute this successfully. 

Now to get to the good part. Modern BCAA offers a hefty 10 grams of BCAA’s per two scoops. This is significant because while BCAA’s offer a host of benefits, we must consume a decent amount. I suggest at LEAST 5 grams when consuming them. I have used pill forms in the past in which I had to down literally 17 pills just to get that 5 gram dose. Mixing two scoops of this formula and sipping it is much more preferred. 

The beauty of this 10 grams dose however, is that 8 of those 10 grams are leucine. Leucine is a potent amino acid known for stimulating protein synthesis levels. Other brands (out of respect, no names will be dropped) offer a little over 7 grams per serving. At 7 grams a day, those products tend to last 30 days. That 30 day supply typically comes to about $70. While leucine is very effective, $70 is fairly steep for a 30 day supply.

Enter the Modern BCAA. Modern BCAA is retailed at $37.99. That aspect blows my mind. Not only do you get 10 grams of BCAA’s per dose, you get 8 grams of protein synthesis stimulating leucine, and 35 servings per bottle. I would suggest everyone give this formula a try, and see what it can do for your physique!  

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